What Past Attendees Have to Say…

Here are some of the great things our attendees have had to say about the SOAR Leadership Retreat.

Absolutely worthwhile. This retreat demonstrates the importance of non-technical competencies of leadership and provides tools to strengthen these competencies.

—Raymond Thompson, President, Vista Engineering


I am grateful to have been introduced to the SOAR approach for leadership development. Not only did I reap great personal benefit from personally attending the SOAR retreat held by Chalmers and Carylynn, I was compelled to subsequently hold an on-site workshop for a dozen members of our management team. Now our whole organization is benefitting.

—Cory Schreckengost, Senior Director, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Research Campus


If you are looking for new innovative ways to improve your leadership style and communication this retreat is for you! Chalmers & Carylynn provide great tools, and opportunities to reflect, network with others, and learn to execute their methods to grow as leaders.

—Alysa Hannula, Senior HR Specialist, Werner Electric


Hungry for more? Check out these (anonymous) comments written on our retreat evaluations:

Everyone can benefit from this retreat! It helps to identify strengths, weaknesses, processes, and concepts that can help you in everyday situations. Very practical!


Thank you for an awesome 3 days! This has been very eye opening for me, not just as a leader but as a person as well. I know that I will be using everything I have learned to continue to improve my team and myself as a Conversational Architect!


This retreat will provide you with the framework, skills, and tools to understand and improve relationships in business, with friends, and family.


I highly recommend this retreat to anyone in a leadership role. Chalmers & Cary will provide the tools needed to become a good leader for all kinds of people that you may encounter.


This retreat provides insights into yourself that can directly improve performance and aid in creating desired results in personal/professional life.


This retreat is an enlightening, game-changing experience for me personally and professionally!


This retreat encourages you to think about communications and relationships in a new light. Well worth the time!


This is a must-do retreat. You will thank yourself later.


This retreat will give you the tools and the terms you need to take yourself to another level.


This retreat was eye-opening and life-changing. It connected ideas in a way that is approachable, memorable, and most importantly, actionable!


This retreat is incredibly helpful for any leader who wants to manage more effectively.


This retreat has make me take a step back and look at things I may have already know, or though I knew, from a different perspective. I can’t wait to start working on what I’ve learned.

We believe so strongly in our material and approach that we literally guarantee that you’ll have an equally amazing experience. If you leave feeling that you didn’t get your money’s worth, we’ll refund your registration fee, no questions asked. And no, that’s never happened.